Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SEIU makes LAX even worse. El Toro is the solution.

It is a good thing I drove out of town, rather than catch a flight out of LAX. Today SEIU protesters literally added jet fuel to the fire that is LAX traffic. They disrupted one of the busiest travel days of the year to throw a tantrum. These degnerates have the mindset of South County NIMBYs who are selfish and don't care about how much inconvenience and economic damage they cause. For those who drove from Orange County, your inconvenient drive became that much worse.

If the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station was re-opened for business, air travelers would have a very nice alternative to LAX. It has more than twice the acreage, lots of freeways surrounding it, and an Amtrak/Metrolink station. Also, unions are not particularly strong or well liked in much of Orange County. The police forces in O.C. don't mess around and would have any protesters quickly dispersed.

Instead, El Toro is going to waste as Irvine's Democrat majority city council has blown through over $200 million on their alleged "Great Park" and has achieved very little progress developing their white elephant. (There was a recent LA Times article about it. ) The Great Pork is such an epic fail, that it got to the point where Irvine voters recently rejected Larry Agran for mayor for the first time since the 90s.  (He is the brain trust of the Fake Park.)

To anyone who voted not to keep El Toro open and had a nasty time at LAX today, this is your comeuppance. Seeing the Great Pork fail and air travel out of LAX become increasingly miserable proves we have been right this whole time about El Toro.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

South County infects entire state with norby.exe virus!

It is official, Chris Norby has been defeated in his bid to retain his assembly seat. A little history refresher: Chris Norby was an obscure Fullerton politician plucked by desperate and dishonest South County NIMBYs to hijack the Orange County Board of Supervisors and do their bidding. Never mind that the public had already voted for the airport twice. Spoiled whiny children like those who inhabit South County never take no for answer and kept on voting and voting and voting until the sun finally shined on their collective dog's ass.  (The "Great Park" measure passed by a narrow 4-3 margin during a low turnout primary election and only in 13/34 Orange County cities.)

Norby's sole mission was to blindly vote to hand over El Toro to the Agranistas in Irvine with no questions asked and no strings attached. Never mind, that every single city in Norby's district soundly defeated Measure W. When a tool gets 80% of their money from South County parasites, his loyalty is only to them, not his new constituents. He could care less about creating jobs for his constituents.(El Toro would have created 100,000 direct and indirect jobs.) Perhaps that is why he now is out of a job. He can now feel what his angry constituents have felt for years.

The result of blindly handing over El Toro over to Larry Agran (who just lost his bid for Irvine mayor) and his cabal is there is no job creating airport that is crowd free and close to home. The Navy was willing to hand it over to the county for FREE! In addition, LA World Airport Authority was ready to sink billions in some badly needed transportation infrastructure improvements. But instead we have a fake park with over $200 million down the toilet and a handful of acres developed.  The only jobs this alleged "park" has created are for the likes of no bid contracts for Larry's friends like Forde and Mollrich.

South County parasites did not just kill a chance for economic stimulus and air transportation improvements for the rest of the county, they have also infected the entire state of California with the norby.exe virus they created. They picked a RINO who had a lot of questionable character flaws. Sure enough he was vulnerable to eventually being picked off by tax hungry Democrats, which just happened last week. Amongst the things that make Chris Norby a vulnerable candidate was he was investigated for using campaign funds to stay in a hotel. He also passed out on the lawn outside the old courthouse. He also has been investigated by the Fullerton police for domestic abuse.  Also check out this piece by blogger and aspiring assembly candidate Greg Diamond had about Chris Norby being a "dedicated husband".

Thanks to the El Toro job killing South County puppet RINO Chris Norby losing what was a very safe Republican assembly seat and being the last line of defense against tax hungry Democrats, they now have a supermajority to ram non-stop tax increases up our collective arses. Even if Jerry Moonbeam Brown tries to show some rare fiscal prudence, his vetoes will be overridden by Democrat assembly with absolutely no checks on their power.

Great job South County parasites, you have not only harmed the economic growth of our county by handing over El Toro to Larry Agran, you have now ruined the entire state with your norby.exe virus. In addition, Prop 30 has passed and more tax hikes are on the way. Mitt Romney was right about the 47% of this country who are takers and accept no responsibility. That is who you are. You have no incentive to care about jobs when you get Obama Phones, welfare, Food Stamps, and endless unemployment benefits. You won't be paying the excessive taxes coming to Taxifornia, the job creators will.  Expect an exodus of job creators to more tax friendly states like Texas, Florida, and Nevada which have no personal income tax.

With California becoming a third world country with high taxes, high regulations, low production, and low job creation, the source of your problems can be found with the norby.exe virus that South County created. Thanks to their myopia, they have weakened the financial immune system of California. A legitimate Republican would have been able to hold that seat and would have been a bulwark to out of control taxes and spending. As Margaret Thatcher once said, "The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TSA implements Grope-A-Dope at airports.

Since the socially deviant cities of Irvine, Aliso Viejo, and Laguna Beach enjoy that kind of activity, they would want to get in on the action by re-opening the idle El Toro International Airport. Instead they will have their grope-a-dope moments up in the orange balloon.

Leave it to liberals and RINOs to ruin the air travel industry. Whether it is the Obama administration retaliating against voters or socialist NIMBYs in South County, flying is much less pleasant for passengers these days. It is bad enough if one wants to get a cheap flight out of LAX as one must battle traffic. What awaits passengers is long lines, and overzealous TSA screening. At nearby John Wayne, do not expect it to be more convenient. That sorry excuse for a (commercial) airport is crammed on less than 500 acres. Space there is at a real premium. If Orange County was instead using El Toro with its spacious 4700 acres, there would be much more elbow room and passengers could be processed much quicker. Besides, The Great Pork is a failure and an epic waste of money. Millions of dollars down the toilet and less than 30 acres of park to speak of.

Lucky for me, I fly privately and do not have to deal with this nonsense. But for those who were foolish enough to vote for Comrad Agran's Great Pork, have fun with the congested drive to outlying airports and the long lines and invasion of privacy. Most normal people would object. But then again the denizens of Irvine and Laguna would actually like it. The Irony is the opportunity to become a Grope-A-Dope screener in their own backyard could prompt those cities to support re-opening El Toro International Airport.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Curse of the Great Pork on Fountain Valley Councilmembers

Being a "friend" of The Great Pork has proven to be a curse for Fountain Valley city council members . Two years ago, Gus Ayers was given the boot by voters, and just yesterday voters also gave the boot to incumbents Cheryl Brothers and Guy Carrozo. Perhaps, those who are left on the Fountain Valley city council should think twice before affiliating themselves with the most corrupt mismanaged boondoggle in Orange County history!

Speaking of the corrupt mismanaged boondoggle, the ignorant Irvinites re-elected Sukhee Kang and Larry Agran! This is great! FULL SPEED ahead towards a municipal bankruptcy! It is only a matter of time before they have to pick up the phone to call LAWA and lease the idle El Toro International Airport out of desperation!

Unfortunately, our once Golden State will be also headed towards municipal bankruptcy as voters did not learn from the mistake of having Jerry Brown the first time as our governor. He waited nearly 30 years to run again, and by then there are entirely new voters who were far too young to REMEMBER what he did to our state last time. The United States astronomy program has faltered thanks to Obama cutting the NASA budget. America no longer visit the moon, but the clueless voters of California elect Governor Moonbeam.

Throw in prop 25 which allows the Demorat controlled legislature to ram through budgets full of pork and tax hikes! Couple this with prop 23 being defeated and there will be even more businesses vacating California. Who needs jobs, when California is the number one welfare state?

Here are some other "friends" of The Great Pork that tasted defeat at the ballot box yesterday:
Beth Krom lost her bid for congress. That is one less mooch in congress to ask the federal government for porkulus for The Great Pork.

Lake Forest councilman Richard Dixon, not only lost, but got LAST PLACE. He also has served as the chair of the job killing, economy strangling, NIMBY special interest group known as ETRPA. Killing jobs does not pay Dick!

Dana Point Councilman Joel Bishop, Placentia Councilman Greg Sowards, Rancho Santa Margarita Councilman Neil Blais, San Clemente Councilman Joe Anderson, San Juan Capistrano Councilman Mark Nielsen, and Villa Park Council Member James Rheins all lost their bids for re-election.

Mega-RINO Mimi Walters lost her bid for state treasurer to Bill Lockyer by 20 POINTS! Granted socialist left winged California is a tough place for any Republican to win, but Walters even lost in traditionally Republican areas like San Diego County and Inland Empire! Her loss was the worst of any Republican running for statewide office!

The one Republican who has a slight chance to win is attorney general Steve Cooley, he is down by a mere 15,000 votes. If he does not prevail in a recount, or any absentee and provisional ballots push him over the top, then we get Kamala Harris. She hails from Frisco, a "sanctuary city", and she opposes the death penalty. Look for her to let violent criminals off the hook. Frisco is also the epicenter of the gay marriage craze started by our soon to be Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome.
San Francisco should stick to the one thing they are good at, which is winning the World Series. The Giants are winners in a city of losers. The Friscoization of our state will destroy it. Irvine is an example of that within Orange County.

Ma'am Barbara Boxer did get the scare of her political life against Carly Fiorina, but she did survive because there are enough clueless Kool-Aid drinking Demorats in California that would even elect Cruella Deville if she had a "D" next to her name. Oh wait never mind, they just did re-elect Cruella Deville! Boxer thinks she is royalty and dressed down a General on national television. Look for her to get even more arrogant now that she will not have to face the voters for another six years.

While the Demorats just barely maintain their majority in the Senate, Ma'am Boxer will have even LESS influence than what little she already has. She is so divisive, that she had to be removed from the crap and betrayed er I meant Cap and Trade committee and have the less divisive, but failed presidential candidate John Kerry replace her.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Candidate Recommendations

It is time to retire Ma’am Barbara Boxer. She has been in elected office for 34 years going back to her days as a radical leftist Moron, er uh Marin County Supervisor. Boxer dressed down a general on C-SPAN, because he showed her some (undeserved) respect and addressed her as Ma’am, which is military custom. The general worked very hard for his title probably having done some tours of duty in very hostile locations, while Boxer has been self serving and only earned her title of senator due to previously weak competition.

This time the competition is not weak as Carly Fiorina, the first woman CEO of a Fortune 20 company runs against her. Fiorina did lay off some employees from Hewlett-Packard; some of whom were probably dead weight or had redundant functions. Then there is California's notoriously hostile business climate. Remember, it is a CEO’s job to make the company PROFITABLE, which she did. All Boxer has ever used is tax money, printed money, and borrowed money. She has never had to make a payroll or has successfully balanced a budget using REAL MONEY.

In addition, Ma’am Boxer gave out nearly half a million dollars in stimulus money to Comrad Agran’s Great Pork to "refurbish a hangar". Barbie is Larry’s Sugar Mama. If one wants to cut off Agran’s gravy train connection to federal tax funding, then Boxer must be voted out!

Congress 48th district
For whatever reason, Democrats somehow consider this a competitive seat, even during a year when Republicans are heavily favored to recapture congress. Fine. Let them waste their money on this one, and not have enough money to defend much more competitive seats like that of Loretta Sanchez for example. Fools and their money are soon parted. That is why they are Democrats.
Beth Krom would go to Washington for the prime purpose of securing earmarks for The Great Pork. She is the absolute last person who should be elected. She would only further advance the Obama agenda. The incumbent John Campbell is a mediocre congressman. One one hand, he is a fiscal conservative and an impediment to Obama’s agenda. But his RINOism is revealed by having his name listed as a member of the Advisory Council of The Great Pork. How can anyone want to have their name associated with a money wasting, job killing boondoggle like that?
Neither Krom, nor Campbell are satisfying choices. Therefore, the endorsement will go to Mike Binkley the libertarian candidate.

Unless one wants to relive the economically depressed 1970s of stagflation, then please don’t vote for Jerry Brown. We already have the second coming of Jimmy Carter with Barack Obama. We do not need another reminder of the 1970s. If Brown wins, the public employee unions will bankrupt what is the left of our once fine state. Meg Whitman has created a successful business and can whip California into shape. If she has to lay off some useless government employees, then so be it.

Lt. Governor
We grudgingly back Abel Maldonado. He is a RINO who broke from fellow Republicans and voted for one of the largest tax increases in state history. The other option is Gavin “whether you like it or not! Newsome. We cannot afford to have the San Franciscoization of our once fine state. Irvine and Laguna Beach are examples within Orange County of that plague. Therefore, Maldonado wins our endorsement by default.

This is one of the very few instances where we strongly oppose a Republican. Mimi Walters is the RINO of all RINOs. She is a former Laguna Niguel Mayor that joined the socialist Agranistas in spreading lies, fear, and hate about the job producing, economy stimulating El Toro International Airport.
The NIMBYs of South County suffer from liberalism, which is a mental disorder, and have irrational class envy and hatred of Newport Beach. Mimi Walters wants the reins to our state treasury, but she fought against El Toro, which would have pumped BILLIONS of dollars into our state’s economy. Anyone who fails to see what an asset El Toro truly is, is obviously unqualified to even be treasurer of the local dog pound!
Her opponent, Bill Lockyer is an incumbent who has been in government a very very very long time. But do give him credit for thinking independently for crossing party lines and supporting the recall of Gray Davis and the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also has blasted Jerry Brown’s budget proposal as unrealistic. Lockyer is a better choice, simply because he is NOT Mimi Walters, if one only chooses between the major parties.
But Robert Lauten of the American Independent Party is the one true conservative running for this position and gets our support.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Proposition Recommendations


19 - Legalized Dope. Yes.
This is something I would typically vote HELL NO on! Aren't there enough brain dead South County NIMBYs out there on dope to begin with? By legalizing dope, it would encourage and condone this lifestyle.

With all that being said, vote YES because legalized dope will put a monkey wrench in things. The more dope the loopy liberals smoke, the less likely they are to get off their stoned butts to go vote. It is best they stay home as couch potatoes, and let the productive members of society cast ballots.

The other upside of legalized dope is that it would put Barack Obama in a very awkward position. His attorney general said even if Californians pass this proposition, he will still prosecute people. Imagine that, he would prosecute his very own dopey liberal voting base. Only if one is stoned non-stop could they seriously think Obama is doing a great job! If the dopey liberals get prosecuted and go to jail, they cannot re-elect their Messiah. Other dopey liberals will be so horrified that they will stay home in disgust, or maybe even cast protest votes for Green Party candidates who like to smoke Green stuff themselves. If Obama loses California and its 55 electoral votes in 2012, say checkmate!

21 - Money for (real) parks. Yes.
I typically don't like the idea of giving additional money to our dysfunctional state government, even if it is a mere $18. But here is the upside, if California parks are FREE to everybody, then WHY would anybody ever want to PAY to visit Larry Agran's Great Park? The less visitors, the sooner it self-destructs from lack of interest and people willing to pay to see what is literally a bunch of hot air. It is worth me paying $18 per vehicle just to watch park visitors ditch paying to enter the phony Great Park and instead go to a real park for FREE.

22- City Funding. No.
I typically don't like the idea of our dysfunctional state government having even more money, but better they have it than even worse dysfunctional cities like Irvine or some of other NIMBY socialist cities in South County, that kill jobs and harm the economy.
Irvine is likely headed towards a municipal bankruptcy. If the state can continue to raid money from them, it will hasten the process of their collapse. Then, Irvine will have no choice but to call L.A. and offer to lease them the idle El Toro International Airport.

23- Stop the Global Warming hype. Yes!
In this economy how can anyone ever give priority to questionable science over economic productivity? Let's sacrifice jobs just in case there may be a remote chance the Mayans are right and the Earth will end on December 21, 2012. Please! Civilization will end if we do not revive our economy.
The NIMBYs socialists used literally every lame excuse in the book as to why we should not keep the lights on at El Toro International Airport. About the only one they did not trot out was "global warning". The reason, their mythical hero algore has flown out of El Toro on Air Force Two! Apparently, El Toro can't be too harmful to the Earth. Even global warming alarmist algore does not think so or he would not have flown out of there.

24- Eliminate Business Tax Breaks. NO!
Are they kidding? Are the liberals trying to kill off the rest of the businesses in California so that people are entirely dependent on government for all their needs? Since South County NIMBYs hate wealthy people and businesses, expect this measure to pass down there. Fortunately, they are a tiny percentage of the state and should not have enough votes outside of leftist enclaves like Berkeley, and San Francisco to join them and make this happen.

25- A mere 51% vote to pass a budget. NO!
It is only because it takes a 2/3 majority to pass a budget that our state taxes are not even higher. Liberals want to punish success and redistribute the wealth. If this passes, look for a mass exodus of businesses and jobs.

26 - 2/3 vote to raise "fees. Yes!
Here we have a game of semantics where they call taxes "fees" instead. My bank account does not know the difference between taxes and "fees"! Change the name and put on a different shade of lipstick on the pig, and it still a confiscation of wealth and a punishment on productivity.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Spitzer Spazzes Out

Todd Spitzer being out of office is like a fish out of water, it flops around and flails. Last Wednesday District Attorney Tony Rackauckas held a press conference and set the record straight. He was not about to allow the allegations that this young brash punk made up go unanswered. Todd Spitzer constantly LIED about El Toro. He has no credibility. I do NOT believe one word about what he says about the D.A.

The D.A.'s office gave him a chance to have a career with them and Spitzer overstepped his bounds and was sent packing. Todd just can't stand it. He is holding press conference after press conference. He really misses the bully pulpit and just hates having his wings clipped. Spitzer is really hurt by all this and wants to settle the score and run against Tony Rackauckas in 2014. That will be four long years for Todd Spitzer of being irrelevant. What will he do in the meantime? Why keep on whining of course!

When Mr. Spitzer finally gets to face Mr. Rackauckas in a grudge match, he had best not run on his job creation record for Orange County. The state just released figures today showing that our county alone has over 150,000 UNEMPLOYED residents. If Spitzer had not obstructed El Toro from opening, then there would be nearly 100,000 people employed by the airport and airport-related jobs countywide. Therefore, Mr. Spitzer deserves to join the unemployed ranks of Orange County as he was a major factor in handcuffing the job creating, economy stimulating El Toro International Airport.

Stay tuned for upcoming election endorsements.