Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Curse of the Great Pork on Fountain Valley Councilmembers

Being a "friend" of The Great Pork has proven to be a curse for Fountain Valley city council members . Two years ago, Gus Ayers was given the boot by voters, and just yesterday voters also gave the boot to incumbents Cheryl Brothers and Guy Carrozo. Perhaps, those who are left on the Fountain Valley city council should think twice before affiliating themselves with the most corrupt mismanaged boondoggle in Orange County history!

Speaking of the corrupt mismanaged boondoggle, the ignorant Irvinites re-elected Sukhee Kang and Larry Agran! This is great! FULL SPEED ahead towards a municipal bankruptcy! It is only a matter of time before they have to pick up the phone to call LAWA and lease the idle El Toro International Airport out of desperation!

Unfortunately, our once Golden State will be also headed towards municipal bankruptcy as voters did not learn from the mistake of having Jerry Brown the first time as our governor. He waited nearly 30 years to run again, and by then there are entirely new voters who were far too young to REMEMBER what he did to our state last time. The United States astronomy program has faltered thanks to Obama cutting the NASA budget. America no longer visit the moon, but the clueless voters of California elect Governor Moonbeam.

Throw in prop 25 which allows the Demorat controlled legislature to ram through budgets full of pork and tax hikes! Couple this with prop 23 being defeated and there will be even more businesses vacating California. Who needs jobs, when California is the number one welfare state?

Here are some other "friends" of The Great Pork that tasted defeat at the ballot box yesterday:
Beth Krom lost her bid for congress. That is one less mooch in congress to ask the federal government for porkulus for The Great Pork.

Lake Forest councilman Richard Dixon, not only lost, but got LAST PLACE. He also has served as the chair of the job killing, economy strangling, NIMBY special interest group known as ETRPA. Killing jobs does not pay Dick!

Dana Point Councilman Joel Bishop, Placentia Councilman Greg Sowards, Rancho Santa Margarita Councilman Neil Blais, San Clemente Councilman Joe Anderson, San Juan Capistrano Councilman Mark Nielsen, and Villa Park Council Member James Rheins all lost their bids for re-election.

Mega-RINO Mimi Walters lost her bid for state treasurer to Bill Lockyer by 20 POINTS! Granted socialist left winged California is a tough place for any Republican to win, but Walters even lost in traditionally Republican areas like San Diego County and Inland Empire! Her loss was the worst of any Republican running for statewide office!

The one Republican who has a slight chance to win is attorney general Steve Cooley, he is down by a mere 15,000 votes. If he does not prevail in a recount, or any absentee and provisional ballots push him over the top, then we get Kamala Harris. She hails from Frisco, a "sanctuary city", and she opposes the death penalty. Look for her to let violent criminals off the hook. Frisco is also the epicenter of the gay marriage craze started by our soon to be Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome.
San Francisco should stick to the one thing they are good at, which is winning the World Series. The Giants are winners in a city of losers. The Friscoization of our state will destroy it. Irvine is an example of that within Orange County.

Ma'am Barbara Boxer did get the scare of her political life against Carly Fiorina, but she did survive because there are enough clueless Kool-Aid drinking Demorats in California that would even elect Cruella Deville if she had a "D" next to her name. Oh wait never mind, they just did re-elect Cruella Deville! Boxer thinks she is royalty and dressed down a General on national television. Look for her to get even more arrogant now that she will not have to face the voters for another six years.

While the Demorats just barely maintain their majority in the Senate, Ma'am Boxer will have even LESS influence than what little she already has. She is so divisive, that she had to be removed from the crap and betrayed er I meant Cap and Trade committee and have the less divisive, but failed presidential candidate John Kerry replace her.


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Well, I see Irvine, Lake Forest, Dana Point, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, Fountain Valley and Laguna Niguel all had great park supporters who, most likely, opposed needed El Toro International Airport. Richard Dixon, Beth Krom and Mimi Walters come to mind as such that opposed El Toro International Airport which can be opened with no further input from cities except Irvine. Turn on the lights, V. Lone Nimby has lost the grip.

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